Babywearing Workshop NYC

For New & Expecting Parents

An awesome babywearing workshop in the West Village. Super affordable and a fun activity for expecting families and families of newer babies/ toddlers who want to try out carriers and get the hang of safe carrying. Lots of carriers will be on-hand to try out. 
Topics include .. and more!
  • How to ergonomically wear your carrier
  • How to position soft structure carriers for better ergonomic support
  • Carrier safety for newborns and beyond
  • How to breastfeed in carriers
Babies and partners welcomed!

Register here: 


Happy 45th Anniversary Roe v. Wade

Today is such an important day in the history of reproductive rights. On January 22nd, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 majority to legalize abortion. This historic case was built over the course of three years, and to this day, it is an important reminder of all the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be done to maintain and improve access to abortion care. In modern times, it’s easy to forget just how difficult things were only 45 years ago. Many people died attempting to self abort or due to lack of access to a safe abortion.

45th Anni RoevWade

Annual Winter Donation Drive

Join us this Sunday, December 3 for our annual Winter Donation Drive.  We are accepting new and lightly used maternity and baby items.  This year all proceeds will be donated to Hour Children.  This organization helps incarcerated women and formerly incarcerated women with the items needed to be the best parents they can be.  Hope to see you there.MIDWIFERY CARE NYC INVITES YOU TO OUR ANNUAL (1)

Should you Belly Bind Postpartum?

belly binding

Lamenting your lower back pain? Consider wearing a postpartum corset!

It may sound archaic, or anti-feminist, or just uncomfortable, however the reality is anything but.  A postpartum corset retrains the abdominal tissue to support your lower back and your organs, making you stronger, healthier and more comfortable. Our massage therapists at Glow have recommended them for 8 years with consistently positive results and unanimous client appreciation.

Check out the following sleek options and email us at or ask your midwives about their recommended use in the days and weeks after birth:


Thank you for the recommendation!

Oh How They Grow

Welcome to another before and after.  The first photo is Carol with her enviable daughter, Angelina, holding a perfect babe.  The second photo is that perfect babe all “grown” up.  Is there a pause button?!  Happy National Midwifery Week.