Got Breastmilk?


Hello MCNYC families, friends and fellow birth workers,
We are reaching out to you because Shar and I are midwives to a family who is in need. As many of you know, I did 6 months and many, many ounces of privately donated breast milk after Angelina was born. It is a wonderful memory in an other wise sometimes disorienting and challenging but always powerful time. Please feel free to pass this on to others you think may be able to help. The birth grapevine is powerful!
Hi, there!

My name is Charise and I’m an UWS mom-to-be expecting her first baby in mid-November. As a carrier of the BRCA gene, and after losing my mother too young to breast & ovarian cancer, I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in 2007. It was the best decision I ever made (aside from marrying my wonderful husband Alex, cc’d here), as I am worry-free and cancer-free. But I will miss breastfeeding.
The blessings of the mastectomy are abundant, and this new one- learning about how moms share milk with gals like me- is one of the brightest blessings of all. So, Alex and I bought ourselves a deep freezer, it’s all plugged in, and we are seeking moms who might be willing to pump us a bag or two of milk for our baby. 
If you think this is something you might be able to do, we would be ever-so-grateful, happily skip on over to your home to pick it up, and forever remember you with full hearts as we feed our baby.
We would be happy to share any more information about us if you might find it comforting to know where your milk is going. Basically, we are more in love with each other and this baby than we ever thought possible, and hope to expand that love with nutritious milk from our community.
Thanks for reading and take good care.
With love & gratitude,

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

There are SO many steps to “successful” breastfeeding. We want to wish all of you breastfeeding families out there a week of celebrating every one of your breastfeeding accomplishments. It is not an easy road for everyone, and however you got there, you are enough!

Here are some of our MCNYC moms breastfeeding, or working their way to breastfeeding their little bubs.

Babies Growing Up!

When our beloved clients send us the most gorgeous photos of their little ones standing, walking and just plain growing into healthy, sweet toddlers we are just so often overwhelmed with how quickly this happens. Time, please stay still just a little longer!

The Big Letdown, Seeing Kimberly Seals Allers Speak

We recently went to see the profoundly inspiring journalist, author and mother Kimberly Seals Allers speak and read from her book, “The Big Letdown: How Medicine, Big Business, and Feminism Undermine Breastfeeding” at Wild Was Mama in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

As women working in the field of perinatal health, we think deeply about the ways in which society lets our women down when it comes to normal birth. Kimberly has put down on paper an incredibly engrossing and infuriating look at society’s failure to truly support breastfeeding; pitting women against each other in so-called “mommy-wars” and the deceptive notion of “choice” while forcing individual women to assume all of the burden of breastfeeding.

Her book is a powerful take on the distribution of responsibility for everyone and everything that has failed US women and set them up to fail in breastfeeding. There are personal accounts, research and stories about the formula industry, midwives, obstetricians and pediatricians, feminists and “lactivists.”

This book is a call to action for women, birth workers, advocates. Check it out and let us know what you think!