Pregnancy Loss & Support

Losing a pregnancy is among one of the more difficult moments in one’s life.  The loss is often placated by well meaning phrases of support, but people still feel alone.  Thankfully, we live in a city with multiple resources.  Including the Pregnancy Loss Organization.  This organization has been providing support for neonatal loss for over 35 years.

They offer telephone peer counseling by highly trained volunteers who have themselves suffered a loss and have been counseled through their program. Following the one-on-one counseling, clients may join a support group. There is no fee for the counseling other than a voluntary donation of $75 for the support group. More about their program is on their

Remember you are not alone.

The Birth of Little B

Intentions & Acknowledgements

I am really appreciative of Carol & Shar @midwiferycare_nyc, Megan @brooklyndoula, and @borissuchkov for being so supportive during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. I also read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, which was really helpful in navigating what birth was going to be like. The birthing classes I took with @healthystart brooklyn & @birthdaypresence also influenced my thinking about the birth. My intention was to try and have an unmedicated birth, and deciding on working with a doula and a midwife practice was probably the best decision I made during the pregnancy, supporting my effort to have a birth that was empowering and respectful of Beatrice and me. Continue reading “The Birth of Little B”

Born into the Water – Arlo’s Birth Story

It’s been one week since he arrived.

I’m from Aotearoa, New Zealand; I come from a family of strong home birthing mamas. I was born in our home and one of my earliest memories is of being woken up and taken to mum and dad’s bedroom as my little sister’s head was crowning, so going into my first birth I was adamant that I would follow suit.

Continue reading “Born into the Water – Arlo’s Birth Story”