My Birth Story

feet_(This family wanted to keep their names anonymous but were happy to share the story of the birth of their little baby!)

I was more than a week past my due date, and I had just come from what I’d hoped would be the acupuncture appointment that finally brought on my labor. As I was walking to the pharmacy to buy the edible kind of castor oil, I got shit on by a bird which seemed like a good omen. 
After taking the castor oil cocktail around noon and then taking a nap on our brand new couch, there was a moment I was terribly afraid I was going to have an accident all over it but thankfully, that did not happen. My contractions started getting regular around 5:30pm. They were manageable for a while with walking back and forth, getting in the shower, and kneeling on our bed leaning over the yoga ball. But then as evening turning into night, the outside world started to recede and I remember noticing that my husband was starting to get a little overwhelmed between timing the contractions and giving me what I needed (hip squeeze here, a drink of coconut water there) and keeping the midwives and the doula posted. 

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Amanda’s Birth Story

This is Amanda’s birth story, the home birth of her daughter Arya Rose, posted with permission from her own blog:


Just one month ago, I gave birth to my first child, Arya Rose. I decided to share the story of her birth because it was both normal and extraordinary, what I planned for but not what I expected, ultimately what I wanted but not in the way I envisioned. It broke me open and changed me forever, repeatedly pushed me to the edge all while ushering me gracefully into this new role as a mother. Continue reading “Amanda’s Birth Story”