Consent for a Forced Cesarean Section

Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD OB/GYN, having studied and worked for several decades advocating for midwives and the autonomy of birth-people over their own bodies, unfortunately has heard many horror stories of unwanted and unnecessary cesarean section births. 

In the United States, 1 out of every 3 births is done via cesarean surgery. This is an extremely high rate compared to the rest of the world. As one of the most commonly performed surgeries around the globe, surprisingly,  Continue reading “Consent for a Forced Cesarean Section”

Audrey’s Birth Story

I think my homebirth story requires some background. I went through midwives in a hospital with our firstborn and had high hopes of having a lovely natural birth, but of course that didn’t happen. Having gone through the hospital experience once, I realized how incredibly difficult it is to get a natural unmedicated birth in a hospital environment. When we decided to have a second child, I knew I wanted it to be different. I wanted an unmedicated birth and to progress at my own pace. As eager as I was for a homebirth, our path to having a second child wasn’t that easy. Continue reading “Audrey’s Birth Story”

Bérénice & Zélie – Birth story

I was 2 weeks late. I had been having cramps on and off for two weeks. I was told it was the cervix softening, that the labor was gonna be easier. I could be a few centimeters open already…

Yet the labor would not start.

After the 41week, we did a little every day to push it along; massages, acupuncture, walking, eating spicy, sex… nothing was working.

Continue reading “Bérénice & Zélie – Birth story”

Becca’s Birth Story


Our Birth Story.

I’m a doula. From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted our labor and birth to look like. I didn’t want to focus too much on the expected due date and I didn’t want to have too many “plans” for laboring. Carol and Shar were perfect guides on this journey and gateway to a new chapter of life. Continue reading “Becca’s Birth Story”

A Letter to Finley

Finley Parker Eisenstein
Born Feb 8, 2019 7:38am
7lbs 10oz, 21in

Finley’s Birth Story as remembered by Mommy and Daddy

Dear Finley,

Your brother woke Mommy up at 12:30am the morning you were born. She got up and sang him back to sleep quickly, but Mommy realized she had a headache. So, Mommy put peppermint oil on behind her ears and made herself a cup of coffee. She then decided to go take a bath rather than get back in bed. She lit a “Calm” candle from H&M and played a lot of Wailin’ Jenny’s while she was in the bath. Actually, it wasn’t a bath. Mommy sat on the floor of the bathtub and “watered” herself with the shower hose. It felt amazing and made her headache go away. Continue reading “A Letter to Finley”