An Inspired Name…

In olden days, new parents used to hire a baby squire to physically visit all friends and family of new parents to announce the birth of their child. Through song, pantomime and dance, this squire would reenact the highs and lows of the labor and birth. Sadly, the days of the baby squires are long behind us, so in its place is this email…

Bodi Moondog was born at 9:30PM on Friday, Oct 27, at home in Chelsea, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and measuring 19” long. Jessica had a quick labor, clocking in at 5 hours (one of which was in the office, one in the car headed to our apartment, and three in the birth tub!) The night ended with a celebratory pizza party with our lovely midwives and doula. The inspiration for his name comes from the word bodhisattva, meaning awakened, and his middle-namesake a composer who’s life and work is an inspiration for us.

If the past 3 days are any indication, Bodi is a super chill lil’ snoozer who loves latching on for a good feed.

Should you Belly Bind Postpartum?

belly binding

Lamenting your lower back pain? Consider wearing a postpartum corset!

It may sound archaic, or anti-feminist, or just uncomfortable, however the reality is anything but.  A postpartum corset retrains the abdominal tissue to support your lower back and your organs, making you stronger, healthier and more comfortable. Our massage therapists at Glow have recommended them for 8 years with consistently positive results and unanimous client appreciation.

Check out the following sleek options and email us at or ask your midwives about their recommended use in the days and weeks after birth:


Thank you for the recommendation!

Oh How They Grow

Welcome to another before and after.  The first photo is Carol with her enviable daughter, Angelina, holding a perfect babe.  The second photo is that perfect babe all “grown” up.  Is there a pause button?!  Happy National Midwifery Week.

A Family Grows in New York…

Sometimes, we midwives, are lucky enough to attend more than one birth with the same family.  While, all families we serve are special in their own unique way, there is a certain honor for being witness to the evolution and growth of a family and birthing person.  Here is a little glimpse into the most recent edition to the MCNYC family, as well a look back to the past with the same family a couple years before.  So many congrats!!!


An Upstate Placenta Burial

As Nicole’s maternity leaves comes to an end, she and her family drove to beautiful Woodstock, NY to commemorate their newest journey.  Nicole, her husband Elias, and their daughter Eudora buried the placenta in the same place the two got married. They finished the day by a nearby swimming hole.  Way to wrap up the 4th Trimester in style and love.