A Testimonial

We are humbled by this letter, grateful for this family and blessed to share this experience.

Dear Shar and Carol,

It took us a few months to find you, a few difficult months of research and interviews. We had fantasized about a holistic, personal, loving, and attentive prenatal experience but were beginning to lose hope that such care actually existed. And then we met you. The two of you, and your warm, loving energy in a small Upper East Side cafe. We knew instantly that we had met our midwives. In Hebrew, the word for “messenger” and “angel” is the same: “malach.” During those uncertain few months at the beginning of our pregnancy we prayed to God that we should meet the right care providers. You are truly the messenger-angels that we longed and prayed for, sent to us directly from God to bring our Aura into this world. Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel for the patient, thorough, thoughtful, and loving care you continue to provide for us. When we reflect on Aura’s birth, we are overwhelmed by how pure, gentle, and magical her entry was as you intuitively coached, supported and encouraged us. Having transferred to your care in the middle of our pregnancy, we so value the autonomy and education you provided to help us navigate this new phase of life. We are eternally indebted to you and only hope that more people can experience pregnancy and childbirth in the beautiful, natural way your practice honors and supports.

Much love,

Sheiny, Josh, and Aura

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