Our International Students are postponed!

Sadly our two wonderful visiting students are no longer able to travel due to the travel restrictions in place while we struggle to contain the coronavirus. We hope to have  Lynne Gaskell and Sarah Hackett back this Fall to observe prenatal visits, labor and birth, and postpartum visits when appropriate.

Midwifery became legally recognized in Britain in 1902 with the first Midwives Act.  However, much like in the U.S., Britain has moved toward a more hospital oriented birthing program in the last century.  It is due to the dedication of students like Lynne and Sarah that Midwifery continues to be a safe and sought after form of pregnancy and birthing care in the UK.  Please check out our “About Us” page for a full biography of our students.

As experienced midwives, we hope to be able to honor the long help tradition of learning that was afforded to us at the beginning of our education and careers.  Our preceptors played a valuable role in shaping us into the care providers that we are today, and now we have the opportunity to pass along our knowledge to the next generation of midwives. 

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