The Evolution of Human Birth by The Brain Scoop

Check out this fascinating history lesson: The Evolution of Human Birth

This The Brain Scoop video produced by Emily Graslie, Brandon Brungard, and Sheheryar Ahsan, gives a brief recap of what biological anthropologists have learned about what human birth has looked like since the cave dweller days. Using pelvic bone replicas, an expert demonstrates how giving birth has not been the easiest process for humans for a very long time. In fact, birth-people, “may have been relying on personal assistants in order to give birth for as long as 2 million years!” 

As midwives have been a crucial part of bringing the human race to where it is today, that is, long before the first blueprints of any hospitals were in the making, the expert and host discuss why it is that cesarean sections and general medical interventions are so utilized in the United States. This fun and informative video testifies to the fact that birth is a natural process that a midwife has always been equipped to handle and that a birth person should feel empowered to do. 

Written by Gabrielle Cappelletti, the intern.


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