Hawk’s Birth Story

The Birth of Baby Hawk

I can’t believe 2 months have passed.  But May 16th is a day I replay in my mind frequently; the day we added our 3rd little boy to the clan.

I always knew that birthing in a hospital would not be comfortable for me so I chose a Birthing Center for our first two and a Homebirth for our third. There was an incredibly crazy storm that began rolling in on the night of the 15th. The sky went from blue to crazy orange in minutes.  It looked like “Armageddon” was rolling in and people were all catching the moment through their lenses as we walked down by the pier to see it in action.

For the beginning contractions I simply remained in bed, closed my eyes, and found some stillness as I knew I had a long morning ahead of me. Around 1:30am is when I woke up Steve, my husband, because I knew the contractions were now much closer together.  This being my third pregnancy everyone told me, “It’s going to happen quickly so be ready!” but I wasn’t believing what anyone was saying these days since I was already 3 days over my due date.

For the next hour Steve and I just remained in our bed and he helped me through the contractions as they did intensify.  There wasn’t one position that felt comfortable so I did a lot of moving a just sitting on all fours during this time but we knew it was time to call in the beautiful support team😊 Carol answered, listened to a few contractions over the phone, and said she felt it was time to head over to BK.

Carol and Yael arrived around 3am and by this point I was definitely in labor. I had decided to fill up our home bath and lay in it. Carol, the angel that she is, came in, held my hand, and slowly poured water over my belly during my contractions.   Unfortunately, in the middle of laboring I began to vomit, which did occur with both my previous pregnancies, and so I asked Carol if she could check and see how far along I was. Once she checked she went right out to the living room where my mom and Steve were relaxing and I overheard her say, “She is at 9cm already” and I screamed to myself in excitement! I was so happy to have already gotten so far.

After the bathtub I decided to change positions and start pushing, this time did seem to go by so quickly. My water broke right as I was exiting the tub and I slowly made my way to our couch to begin pushing. Carol, again the angel that she is, continued to tell me how beautiful I was doing and kept reminding me that my body knows what to do and to stay channeled to that. It was also at this time when Yael, one of the assistants, was right next to me holding my hand and whispering that our baby was on his way!

At 5:45am Hawk Justin Masso was born with the most amazing team around him and right in the place he calls home. Right when he came out and was placed on my stomach it was like fireworks went off. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear, there was a beautiful new baby in the world, and it was time to just celebrate. We got bagels and coffee and just reminisced about the beauty that just happened and really lived in the moment of brining baby Hawk into the world.

Ford and Smith, the two older brothers both wandered into the living around 7am and knew immediately that “baby” was here! Our 2-year-old, Smith walked into the room with a silly grin on his face and pointed right at my stomach and said “MOM! The baby left your belly!” . Hawk’s older brothers Ford & Smith immediately welcomed him to the team and each asked to give baby Hawk a kiss on the head. It was truly love at first sight for these sibling brothers- a bond with each other and the bond that grew with both Carol and Shar over the past 10months.

It was incredible to have shared so much with Carol and Shar and of course Abby who never missed an appointment-they will forever be a part of our family!

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