Gigi’s Birth Story

Dear little one,

I woke up on Tuesday, May 8th at 4:15am. I got up quietly as I didn’t want to wake your Baba or your brother, Nash.

By the time I got to the bathroom, I was having a pressure wave. It was 4:17am and I was 41 weeks along with you.

It was a powerful pressure wave so I had the feeling you would be coming very soon. I decided to take a shower before waking up your Baba or calling our midwives (Shar and Carol) and doula (Bailey).

I grabbed my phone to start timing the pressure waves and hopped in the shower. They were already coming every two minutes and were each about 20 seconds long- but I was determined to shower before waking anyone up. I even washed my hair and shaved my legs!

At 4:30am, there was a knock on the bathroom door as I was drying off. Your Baba had come to use the restroom but was greeted by me (with wet hair!) saying it was time to meet you.

Your Baba started marking down the timing and length of my pressure waves and then called everyone and told them to come over right away.

Nash was snoozing away in bed.

A few minutes later, my water broke in the hallway right outside the bathroom door. Your Baba called Shar to let her know, but she was already driving towards us, crossing the 59th Street Bridge.

I had been planning to head to the sofa and start my hypnobabies tracks as I had with your brother, but you were coming too fast. I got right back in the shower with my nightgown on. This is when your Baba realized you really were near!

Details get blurry after this, but I stayed in the unfilled bathtub for the rest of my birthing time – on my hands and knees-and that’s where you were born.

Shar arrived first and soon after Carol, Bailey and Lindsey, the birth assistant.

Everyone was trying to fit into our tiny bathroom. Nash was just across the hall, but he somehow kept on snoozing.

I remember Shar sitting next to me on the ledge of the tub. I remember Bailey holding a fan to my face. I remember saying I wanted to move to the sofa to push, but you were too close- I couldn’t stand up.

I remember your Baba changing the hypnobabies track to the one for “pushing time.” I remember drinking a lot of coconut water. I remember needing to push and breathing through it.

I heard Shar say “a hand” and then she asked me to lift my leg and push. I did and you shot out like a skipping stone right into Shar’s waiting arms.

I turned over to see you and then I was sitting back and holding you. It was 5:35am.

Everyone was saying how big you were, but you looked so tiny in my arms. I looked at you and you latched on to start nursing.

I was still holding you in the tub and pushing out your placenta when Nash’s babysitter, Nina arrived. Nash was still sleeping.

Everyone helped me dry off and move to the sofa with you in my arms. I snuggled up with you and we were all deciding what to get for breakfast when we heard Nash call “Mommy” through the monitor.

Your Baba and Nina went into the bedroom to say good morning to Nash and tell him that you’d been born.

Carol held you in the rocking chair when Nash came out so that he could come snuggle me first thing and get a peek at you. He woke up to a party with so many happy people in the house and he was in love with you right away!

Nash snuggled up on the sofa with me and we watched Carol, Shar and your Baba weigh you. We all made guesses. You were an incredible 10 lbs 7 oz- a homebirth record for Carol and Shar! We weighed you twice to be sure!

It was breakfast time so your Baba ordered egg and cheese biscuits and hash browns for everyone. Bailey and Lindsey went to pick up the food and we had a feast when they came back. Everyone sat at the table, but Shar brought my food to the sofa so I could stay snuggled up with you. We were in our own little cozy world for two.

Nash’s other babysitter, Billie, arrived at 8am. Nash decided to go to school for the day, so she dressed him and took him. While he was getting dressed, your Baba held you and Shar gave me a couple of quick stitches. Then you came back to me for more snuggles.

Soon after, Shar and Carol and Lindsey left. Bailey stayed for a little while- working with the placenta in the kitchen- and then she was off too.

And then it was just you, me and Baba. You were snuggled up on me nursing. You were home. You were loved. It was still early on Tuesday morning.

Location: Harlem
Time: 5:35am
Date: Tuesday, 05-08-2018

Sign: Taurus
Weather: 55 degrees
Midwifes: Shar La Porte and Carol Bues
Doula: Bailey Rollins

Birth assistant: Lindsey Mayo



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