“Pump and Kegel” a Prenatal Resolution

Watch as our very own, Erin, shows you how to “Pump and Kegel”…Be sure to sign up for a class too at https://www.fpc-nyc.com

Pump and Kegel:

It’s not just for workouts and it’s not just for pregnancy! The belly pump safely engages the transverse abdominus, obliques, and even the back muscles (your entire core). To do: inhale fully, allow the belly to soften as it fills will air. Try to breathe into the belly space rather than the chest. Allow the pelvic floor muscles to soften on the inhale. As you exhale, imagine that you are wrapping the muscles from the back around your sides and all of the way to your midline. This will hug your baby in to your body. As your do this belly pump, also lift up on your pelvic floor/ kegel. Inhale and gently release the pelvic floor and the belly. This action is the Pump and Kegel! Want to know more about this and why we pump and kegel? Come to class and find out!

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