An Inspired Name…

In olden days, new parents used to hire a baby squire to physically visit all friends and family of new parents to announce the birth of their child. Through song, pantomime and dance, this squire would reenact the highs and lows of the labor and birth. Sadly, the days of the baby squires are long behind us, so in its place is this email…

Bodi Moondog was born at 9:30PM on Friday, Oct 27, at home in Chelsea, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and measuring 19” long. Jessica had a quick labor, clocking in at 5 hours (one of which was in the office, one in the car headed to our apartment, and three in the birth tub!) The night ended with a celebratory pizza party with our lovely midwives and doula. The inspiration for his name comes from the word bodhisattva, meaning awakened, and his middle-namesake a composer who’s life and work is an inspiration for us.

If the past 3 days are any indication, Bodi is a super chill lil’ snoozer who loves latching on for a good feed.

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