Roberta & Enrico’s Birth Story

“When I call Shar and Carol I knew from the very first moment my search was done. I felt absolutely in good hands and comfortable since the beginning. My choice to have a home birth came from the fact that this was my third pregnancy but the first one in the USA. I wasn’t familiar with the item they put you through in the hospitals and when I have discovered that it was so disappointing, My first two children were born in London in a birth centre which provides you all the equipment to have a natural birth. From bathtubs, double beds, mats, inflatable balls birthing chairs and so on. I Did a short search on hospital which have birth centers here and got so upset to find put that in such a city there is only one birth centre, if you can call it so. Talking to friends and people about my disappointment I have got the luck to find one friend that had a home birth and this is were it all started.
The most difficult part was to convince my husband, which thought I was gone crazy and there was no way I was going to have the baby at home. He was scared and with a complete lack of information. I started searching on statistics, articles anything to convince him. Now he tells so proud and happy how nice it was to have our baby at home. It has been an incredible experience, I am so glad we have done it and Shar and Carol made us feel so comfortable and safe since the very first time. There is no such a nice way to have your check ups done on your sofa, sometimes in your pajama or similar, especially towards the end of the pregnancy.
Our little one decided to come in a rush of two hours, Shar was there and helped us through it in such peaceful and secure way at the same time. He was born in the water which made it very special. It is so intimate, private and beautiful. It is the way it is supposed to be and I felt so lucky I could choose to have my baby at home.

Infinite Thank you Shar and Carol
Roberta with Enrico, Lorenzo, Giulia and Tommaso”