Home Birth Photography; The Documented Birth of Sage

Some time ago, we were contacted by documentary photographer Ken Hamm. Ken was working on a long term project documenting all aspects of NYC living. In his email to us he asked if he could photograph a home birth in New York City. A wonderful mom-to-be by the name of Christine agreed and thus, the project was born. Ken accompanied both midwives to visit with Christine and her husband and when she went into labor, Ken was there.

Christine’s NYC home birth was nothing short of amazing. She had the support of her husband and several members of her family, including her sister, niece, mom and young nephew. While the rest of the birth story is hers to tell, we can say that it was such a beautiful experience. Even Ken, a father as well, said that is was “one of the more emotional experiences of my life.”

Thank you to Christine for allowing Midwifery Care NYC to be present for the birth of her baby boy and thank you to Ken for documenting it.

The day finally arrived and the birth was captured on camera by documentary photographer Ken Hamm. For all those in attendance, the birth was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Christine’s immediate family were there to hold her, massage her, and truly support her needs. Her young nephew got an honest and powerful lesson in womanhood, manhood, and birth. Her sister and niece learned how to take care of her in a time where their help was crucial. And Christine’s mother proudly watched her own baby bring life earth side.

The harmony that natural, undisturbed birth brings is not just felt by mom, dad and baby. It heals entire families. It even heals those who are there as midwives, birth assistants, doulas, and documentary photographers.

The photos that Ken took are candid, powerful and inspiring. For Carol, the midwife in attendance, this was also the first time she got to see herself at work!

The photos above are just a few of many taken. The rest of the home birth photography can be seen here: http://kenhammphoto.com/p920836161

We truly hope you enjoy them and are inspired by them as we are. And may all those mothers and partners who are considering home birth get a sense of the love, pride and trust we felt in the house that day.