Cassandra’s Home Birth

I know few of you have been asking about my homebirth experience and though I was hoping to write sooner just wasn’t possible.  Having three kids is no joke add the fact that two of them are little guys and you have one tired mom who just wants to sleep.

My new baby boy is already two months old and I’m just now writing his birth story.

The night before I went into labor I had no idea it would be happening since I want having any pain. On Sunday morning I woke up with some cramping but thought I just had to use the bathroom but the pain didn’t go away. I knew that I needed to keep track of this pain so I used an app on my phone to count my contractions. After about 10 to 15 minutes of keeping track my app said to go to the hospital.  I figured this would be a good time to call my midwife.

I told my hubby it was happening and he began cleaning up or house and getting the pool ready. I called my midwife and she asked that I call my doula so she could better gauge the severity of my contractions. She told me she would be ready to go once my contractions were closer. I called my wonderful doula Simone and she came within a half hour of me calling her.  As soon as she got to my house she began assisting me with the contractions because they were starting to get painful. Within about an hour or so the contractions were closer and more intense and so we called my midwife.  She informed us that she would be dropping off her dog and heading to my house. The fear was that she may run into traffic because she was coming from Manhattan and the Puerto Rican parade was going on. We hung up with her and the other midwife called me to let me know if the urge to push came and Carol was not there to call her abs she would talk us through it all until Carol got there. Thankfully we didn’t have to worry about that.  The birth assistant got to my home first and within 15 minutes or less Carol my midwife arrived.

My cousin also showed about a little after for support. We decided to get in my birthing pool to help with pain management. It helped but my contractions were still painful. Carol asked if she could check how far along I was and she did and told me I was only 8 cm dilated so I would need to hold off on the urge to push for just a bit.  The pool eventually became irritating and I wanted out. I literally felt like if I stayed another minute I would submerge myself until I drowned. So I got out and my midwife suggested using her birthing stool. As I went to sit down I almost died because it was so painful and uncomfortable.  I couldn’t even sit when I was in the pool. I told Carol that it was not going to happen, she later told me that if this had been my first birth she would have really been adamant with me staying on it. Since this was baby number 3 she knew I could tell what I needed. I found myself kneeling and squatting next to my sofa.

The urge to push began and I began to do just that. In one of my pushes I broke my water and Carol said it would be a short time from that point. She was correct within 15 to 20 minutes I was pushing out my son. He was perfect!

Now let me give you some information concerning my homebirth synopsis. What was I thinking?!?! Lol but seriously this was a very difficult process. Once my contractions started they never seemed to stop. Yes they were painful but I got through them with the help of my doula Simone! Doulas are a great help and they provide the support you need, when you need it. The birthing pool helped tame my contractions but I just couldn’t stand being in there the whole time. My hubby really wanted me to have the baby in there and when I was getting ready to push outside of the pool he kept asking you sure you don’t want to go back in. I think my look let him know my answer. Now since my prior births entailed epidurals I was completely unaware on how much it hurt when they check to see how dilated you are.  Thankfully she only checked me once and I was 8 cm but it felt like she was going to rip him out of me. Epidurals really mask a lot of the pain and the process of childbirth. I always heard people mention the ring of fire that woman feel when pushing out the baby but never felt it until now. Yeah so burning is not even the word it was more like an inferno and I wasn’t sure I would be able to push him out. I was screaming it burns only to be met with replies of yes I know it does but keep pushing. Umm how about you get me to the hospital and we just cut him out because this is crazy. I literally closed my legs even though his head was coming out because it was painful. I came to my senses and continued to push and he came out!

I didn’t cry seeing him and I felt the urge to but I was so exhausted that all I could do was just admire him. This process was difficult because of the pain but otherwise it was great.

The experience of not only giving birth completely natural and at home cannot be fully explained in words. It was an awesome experience that I would totally do again. The ability to just hold my baby as soon as he came out and have him still attached to the placenta without rushing to remove it or clamp his cord was beautiful. I laid on my sofa with him on my chest and just couldn’t take my eyes off nor let him go. When I felt the urge I pushed out the placenta and we then clamped it and my hubby cut the cord. My midwife eventually convinced me to give him to daddy so he could be weighed and I could shower. To think I was in my own house with my things and not getting upset if I forgot something because I was home! My boys got to see him after and I could relax on my sofa or my bed. These simple things made this experience worth it.

Lastly I have to say thank you to those who helped. First and foremost my hubby who although was not crazy about the idea allowed his suddenly free spirited wife to have a home birth. He not only got everything together but helped with other boys ton and he was just amazing! Love you babe. My midwives even though only one of them was present for the birth they both have impacted my life beautifully. They have made me realize what an amazing woman I am and I can do just about anything. Carol and Shar I am so very grateful to you both and I am so glad you wanted to work with me. Midwifery Care NYC rocks! My doula Simone ,who having this be her first homebirth, did awesome. You provided the support I needed and learned in the process. My cousin Cristy who didn’t think I would call her for my birth. Thank you for being there and not only offering your hand so I could squeeze but helping document the process. You saw it all (literally). And finally the wonderful family that stayed with my boys and also helped me after, Angie and Myriam. You guys have been such a blessing to our lives and I am so grateful for the love you show my boys!

Sorry it took so long to write and if I missed anything inquiring minds want to know just leave me a comment and I will answer. I am not shy about this experience or my breastfeeding journey so ask away.

Love from the concrete jungle……