Baby Marcena’s Birth Story

From Gus: “We were blessed with a beautiful home birth for our first child thanks in large part to Shar and Carol. The positive experience began with our regular meetings at home, where we discussed our birth preferences in detail. Both Shar and Carol we’re happy to answer our questions, and learning about their many birth stories helped us feel we were in caring, professional hands. When our labor threw us a major curve ball, Shar handled the situation with such calm and clarity we didn’t feel worried or upset. She was able to handle a situation that in lesser hands might have sent us to the hospital. Instead, we got through our labor curve ball, and lay blissfully in our bed with our beautiful daughter. We highly recommend Midwifery Care NYC…all three of us!”

From Heather: “I’ve always been suspicious of hospitals, and had heard enough bad birth stories in my time, that when I found out I was pregnant, I was pretty certain I wanted a home birth. But wow – I really didn’t know how incredibly magical it was going to be! I of course doubted at times if I could do it, but knew that if I could, I’d feel so strong and proud. And I did it – with the help of my devoted husband as my labor coach, our doula Dia, and Shar, who had been at another labor not 24 hours before ours!

I am so very grateful to both Shar and Carol for how safe and normal they made me feel throughout the entire pregnancy and birth – they had an answer for every question and concern. It means the world to me that our daughter was born right in our bedroom in the very spot that her bassinet is now. And that would not have been possible without these amazing women. Thank you Shar and Carol.”